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      Contact: Mr. Chen
      Mob: 13509043859
      Tel: 0663-8678815
      Fax: 0663-8693165

      ABOUT US

      Jieyang Dechang Micro-Motor Co., Ltd. produces all kinds of direct current Micro-motor. We can also produce direct current Micro-motors for your requirements. Our production,such as JY130、JY140、JY260、JY280、JY360、JY365、JY380、JY385、JY500、JY540、JY545、JY550 and JY555, is widely used in the production of Electric Toys, Micro Home Electrical Appliances such as Massage Appliances and Hair Dryer, and Dynamoelectric Tools. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can do any favor for you.

      Our faith : good credit standing for market ,high quality for survive ,more output for development ,progress by science and technology.
      Our spirit : solidarity , absolute sincerity , enterprising , keep improving.
      Our management ideology : To help you succeed is our success!
      Our tenet : honesty and keep faith ,innovate ,efficient.